An Analytical Study on Preventive Detention and Infringement of Human Rights: Bangladesh Perspective


Published: 2023-05-29

Page: 98-104

Farzana Hossain *

Department of Law and Justice, Bangladesh Army University of Engineering and Technology, Bangladesh.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Preventative detention is the most controversial issues of law in Bangladesh. Preventative detention means confinement of somebody without trial and without conviction by a court. The destruction of human rights has started from veritably morning of our evolution. In my paper I would like to show how preventative detention infringes the mortal rights such as rights of a person, liberty of a citizen due to misutilization of preventative detention in Bangladesh and how the right is violated in the course of preventative detention. Eventually it is the right time to stop the abuses of preventative detention in order to cover particular freedom of human being which is the mortal rights of every citizens. It’s also scrutinizes the social stipulation of the preventative detention laws for Bangladesh.

Keywords: Preventive detention, detenu, detainee, wrongful arrest, human rights, violation, government, state

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