Published: 2019-04-15

Page: 1-8


Department of Political Science, Faculty of Social Science, Federal University of Lafia, Nigeria.


Department of Religion and Philosophy, Faculty of Art and Social Sciences, University of Jos, Nigeria.

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One of the established traditions in Nigeria foreign affair is that each administration proclaimed it our foreign policy thrust in the light of long established one. The research, ‘concentric circles theory and Nigeria’s foreign policy 2015-2019’ was designed to identify president Buhari’s foreign policy thrust in the light of concentric circles theory.  The research was guided by the following questions: what are the assumptions of concentric circle theory? What are the Nigeria’s foreign policies 2015-2019? And are Nigeria’s foreign policies 2015-2019 concentric? Content analysis due to the data sources was adopted. It discovered that concentric circles theory originated from sociology and in foreign policy making and analysis, some saw three while other four concentric circles. Nigeria foreign policy thrust were combating insecurity, tackling corruption and economic growth via job creation. It were recommended that: The four concentric circles should be used for Nigeria’s foreign policy making and implementation, The innermost should be well defined via the national or domestic needs and the domestic needs should be the guideline of commitment in regional, continental and global affairs.

Keywords: Concentric circles, foreign policy, internal foreign policy determinant, external foreign policy determinant, Buhari’s foreign policy thrust.

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