(a, b ; ∈a,∈a ∨ q (a,b) ) - FUZZY IDEALS OF BG-ALGEBRA

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Published: 2015-08-27

Page: 299-311


Department of Mathematics, Srikishan Sarda College, Hailakandi, Hailakandi-788151, Assam, India

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


The aim of this paper is (a, b ; ∈a,∈a ∨ q (a,b) ) -fuzzification of the concept of BG-ideals of BG-algebra. We defined (a, b ; ∈a,∈a ∨ q (a,b) ) -fuzzy ideal of a BG-algebras. We have shown that (a, b ; ∈a,∈a ∨ q (a,b) ) -fuzzy ideal is the generalised form of (∈,∈∨q) -fuzzy ideal and we characterized a fuzzy set to be an (a, b ; ∈a,∈a ∨ q (a,b) ) -fuzzy ideal . Relation among fuzzy ideal, (∈,∈∨q) -fuzzy ideal and (a, b ; ∈a,∈a ∨ q (a,b) ) -fuzzy ideals are established. Finally some theorems related to (a, b ; ∈a,∈a ∨ q (a,b) ) -fuzzy ideals are investigated.

Keywords: BG-algebra, (∈,∈∨q) Fuzzy ideal, -fuzzy ideal, (a, b ; ∈a,∈a ∨ q (a,b) ) -fuzzy ideal, Homomorphism

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