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Published: 2019-11-27

Page: 230-242


Department of Computer Science, Tiruppur Kumaran College for Women, Tiruppur, TN, India.


Department of Computer Science, Tiruppur Kumaran College for Women, Tiruppur, TN, India.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


A Soft Computing based dynamic model of four-wheeled mobile robot is developed. The controller takes into account of wheel slippage and skid effects, forward-backward velocity with respect of two motors. In this paper the two motors are controlled by teleoperation scheme based adaptive neural network fuzzy inference system. The camera captures the robot moving to target point images that are sent to host computer that is master robot. Based on the master robot determines actions corresponding response may follow the sensor through teleoperation that is slave robot. This system stability and satisfactory performance is assured by Lyapunov function. It is supporting the mobile robot can track a reference trajectory without deviation. Finally, simulation result shows that our controller can tracks unexpected corners and maintain the stability.

Keywords: Path planning control, wheeled mobile robot, Lyapunov function

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SUGANYA, K., & ARULMOZHI, V. (2019). SOFT COMPUTING CONTROLLED BASED DYNAMIC MODEL OF FOUR WHEELED MOBILE ROBOT. Asian Journal of Mathematics and Computer Research, 26(4), 230–242. Retrieved from


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