Department of Mathematics, Government Science College, Bangalore University, Bangalore, 560056, India.


Department of Mathematics, Government First Grade College, Bangalore University, Ramanagara, 562120, India.


Department of Mathematics, Government Science College, Bangalore University, Bangalore, 560056, India.

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Let G= (V, E) be a simple connected graph. In this paper, we have evaluated the energies of combinatorial matrices.  We have two types of path defined matrices that is distance path and detour path the elements of these matrices are found combinatorially from the traditional distance and detour matrices. Here, we have calculated energies of standard graphs for both distance path and detour path matrices. Upper and lower bounds for these combinatorial matrices are also determined.

Keywords: Combinatorial matrices, graphs, energy, matrix

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DIVYASHREE, B. K., JAGADEESH, R., & SIDDABASAPPA, . (2022). ENERGY OF COMBINATORIAL MATRICES OF GRAPHS. Asian Journal of Mathematics and Computer Research, 29(1), 9–26.


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