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Department of CT, European Gaza Hospital, Khanyounis, Palestine.

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One of the crucial challenges for microscopic imaging techniques was lack of ability to give a comprehensive and undivided view of the whol material to be characterized, which restricts the ability to determine the homogeneity of the material as well as the efficiency of the preparation protocol used. So, it is important to use computerized (or computed) tomography (CT) scanners, as a powerful characterizing technique for materials with a tremendous ability to identify different changes in it with a plethora of qualitative and quantitive data for each whol sample. In this article, we have introduced some important aspects that CT technology can provide to explain some ambiguous aspects in the study of materials, through this technique we determined the best conditions to perform the synthesis procedure that able us to produce fine homogenous material. Also, this technique through 3D modeling can sort the more intensive phases and isolate them. CT scans have many features that can be summarized in the following points: nondestructive, inexpensive, rapid (2sec.), no need for sample preparation, easy to handle the data or images, each sample gives extremely big data, ability to study as much as possible samples at the same time for comparison, 3D images can be modeled using common software.

Keywords: CT scanner, CT-numbers, nonionic surfactants, templated silica, windowing values

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ALASQALANI, M. Y., NAHHAL, I. M. E., ALNAHHAL, M., & MOUSA, M. (2022). CT SCANNER AS A POWERFUL TOOL FOR MATERIALS INVESTIGATION AND CHARACTERIZATION. Journal of Applied Chemical Science International, 13(2), 1–14. https://doi.org/10.56557/jacsi/2022/v13i27405


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