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Published: 2016-08-05

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Department of Biological Physics, ELTE TTK Budapest H – 1117 Pázmány s. 1/A, Hungary.

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This brief paper is intended as an introduction, and deals with “measurement’’ as a typical biological phenomenon. It starts and ends with human measurements’’, but calls attention to the fact that “measurement’’ as such is characteristic for the whole living world.

The point of the paper is the origin and evolution problem of it, as the most exciting question. It is emphasized, that as life’s origins began with molecular (quantum) entities, similarly the “measuring devices’’ had to be molecular (say, proto-enzymes). So the emphasis is on quantum measurements, with the pecularity, that here the outcome is not a statistical record, as in ordinary human quantum measurements, but an other quantal structure (molecule), serving as, usually, the “object’’ of a subsequent quantum measurement (enzyme chains of e.g. the respiration chain or photosynthesis). Endo- and exo-theories of matter is brought into the discussion, uniting, in the spirit of W.A. stern (he comparing, we uniting) quantum measurement and the phenomenon of life. We point out, that endophysics (no “measurer’’, the existence of pure quantum dynamics) may have been transformed to exophysics, (i.e., inclusion of an “observer’’, a “measurer’’), by a spontaneous fall of microreversibility, by a nonlinear spontaneous endophysical “self-measurement’’ of matter, a global time asymmetry, and follow, in a nutshell, its evolution.

Keywords: Measurement, origins of life, evolution, mankind, intellect

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