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The work conducted in this study is based on the two-dimensional nonlinear Schrodinger equation, which explored asymmetric soliton-like behavior in two-dimensional Bose-Einstein condensate trapped in external harmonic potential. Using the modified variational method, we derived the dynamic
evolution behavior of soliton-like breathing mode with asymmetric features. Our theoretical results can be used as a guide for further experimental research of asymmetric soliton-like behavior in a two-dimensional Bose-Einstein condensate.

Asymmetric soliton, Bose-Einstein Condensate, Variational Method.

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PAN, Y., GAO, G., CHEN, C., GUO, J., & WANG, Y. (2020). ASYMMETRIC TWO-DIMENSIONAL SOLITON-LIKE BEHAVIOR FOR A BOSE-EINSTEIN CONDENSATE IN A HARMONIC TRAP. Journal of Applied Physical Science International, 12(1), 31-35. Retrieved from
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