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The influence of wage levels, work motivation and work communication on village device performance (Case study in jambu village, bah sumbuh village and maria padang village). After conducting the analysis, it is seen from multiple linear regression testing Y = 1.270 + 0.115X1 + 0.307X2 + 0.314X3, indicating that the role of the Wage Level, Work Motivation and Work Communication variables has a positive effect on the Performance of Village Officials. Then the determinant coefficient test (R2) shows the results of the adjusted R square of 0.364 or 36.4%. This shows that the wage level variable (X1), the work motivation variable (X2) and the work communication variable (X3) can explain that the Village Apparatus Performance variable (Y) is 36.4%. For the t test (partial) the wage level variable (X1) has no effect on the performance of the village apparatus (Y), it is known that tcount (1.511) <ttable (2.01410), as well as the significance value of 0.138> 0.05, it can be concluded that The first hypothesis is rejected, for the t test (Partial) Work Motivation (X2) affects the Village Apparatus Performance (Y), it is known that tcount (3.113)> t table (2.01410), and the significance value is 0.003 <0.05, it can be concluded that the second hypothesis is accepted and for the t test (partial) the Work Communication variable (X3) affects the Village Apparatus Performance (Y), it is known that tcount (2.526)> ttable (2.01410), and the significance value is 0.015 <0.05, it can be concluded the third hypothesis is accepted. Furthermore, for the F test (Simultaneous) Fcount of 9.973 with α = 5%, dk of the numerator: k, dk of the denominator: 48-3-1 (5%; 3 .; 45), the value of Ftable is (3.20). From this description it can be seen that Fcount (9.973)> Ftable (3.20), and a significance value of 0.000 <0.05, it can be concluded that the fourth hypothesis is accepted, meaning that the work motivation variable (X2) and the Work Communication variable (X3) have an effect jointly (simultaneously) on the Village Apparatus Performance (Y).

Wage level, work motivation and work communication, performance, village apparatus.

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NURSAIMATUSSADDIYA, ., CEN, C. C., & CAHYADI, W. (2020). THE INFLUENCE OF WAGE LEVELS, WORK MOTIVATION AND WORK COMMUNICATION ON VILLAGE DEVICES PERFORMANCE. Journal of Global Economics, Management and Business Research, 12(4), 21-29. Retrieved from
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