Production and Sale of Fruit by Farmers in Tuyen Quang, Vietnam


Published: 2023-03-30

DOI: 10.56557/jgembr/2023/v15i18177

Page: 53-63

Tran Thi Dien *

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Tan Trao University, Tuyen Quang, Vietnam.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


The study evaluated the overview of research works on fruit farm development in the world and in Vietnam. Stemming from the actual situation, it is necessary to assess the development status of fruit farms in Tuyen Quang province. The study surveyed 60 farms, of which 20 orange farms were surveyed in Ham Yen district; 15 pomelo farms in Yen Son district; 10 banana farms in Chiem Hoa district; 15 other fruit trees (persimmon, custard apple, longan, litchi, mango, dragon fruit ...) in districts in Tuyen Quang province. In addition, the study collected the opinions of 30 experts, including: scientists; economic experts; state staff in the agricultural sector. The method of the survey was to build the questionnaire on issues related to the development of fruit tree production in Tuyen Quang province. The study analyzed the production and business characteristics of the farms, the production and sale of fruit, and also surveyed the harvest, distribution channels, and fruit selling prices. The study also assessed the economic efficiency of fruit trees growing on farms, thereby identifying fruit trees with high economic efficiency. The study has evaluated advantages and difficulties in the production and sale of products of the farms, thereby providing a basis for proposing solutions to develop fruit tree farms in Tuyen Quang province in the near future.

Keywords: Production, marketing, fruits, farms, economic efficiency, Tuyen Quang province

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Dien, T. T. (2023). Production and Sale of Fruit by Farmers in Tuyen Quang, Vietnam. Journal of Global Economics, Management and Business Research, 15(1), 53–63.


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