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Published: 2019-05-15

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Provert Research Laboratory, 111 Charlotte Place #100/Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632, USA.


Provert Research Laboratory, 111 Charlotte Place #100/Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632, USA.

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Facing the era of the dramatic increase in the development of medications, global intractable diseases such as cancer, diabetes, or AIDS has gained overwhelming attention. In contrast, non-transmittant illnesses such as atopic dermatitis had been underestimated in its shadowing impact. Atopic dermatitis, type of eczema which appears as a red, itchy rash and typically triggers in childhood and can last into adulthood due to its severe and long-lasting effect. Most significantly, atopic dermatitis disturbs one’s quality of life because of the itching sense and pain of skin. Although many treatments exist, hydrating one’s skin with an oily and moist lotion fulfills to treat atopy the most effectively. The study aimed to formulate a phytoncide atopic dermatitis lotion to relieve the irritations with natural ingredients. This research formulated a pythoncide cream with ingredients of olive oil, nerd oil, Licorice root extract, and chamomile essential oil. These natural materials are known to have the capacity of moisturization and antibacterial activities. So, our phythoncide atopic lotion could be considered to alleviate patients suffering from atopic dermatitis. The lotion serves to moist skin for an extended time, with holding a natural antibacterial strength. Through multiple tests for physical characteristics of relative viscosity, mung bean and earthworm moisturization and zone of inhibition, the study concluded that our atopic dermatitis lotion should improve the irritating complication to relieve the affected skin by atopic dermatitis. A clinical study might be required to examine the effects claimed in this study as more beneficial compared to the existing lotions.

Keywords: Atopic lotions, atopic dermatitis, therapeutic lotion, eczema, moisturization lotion

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