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Published: 2015-12-01

Page: 31-38


Paulista University, Manduri St., 200, Vl. Pompeia, Brazil

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The aim of this work is to define the fractal dimension of a sedimentary rock profile, leaving an image that will be removed from digital sites recognized in the scientific community and also captured the hand specimens, such as images of a sandstone and a rhythmites images. Ways of calculating the fractal dimension of a profile of sedimentary rock are presented, one of the modes is calculated analytically using the method called Box-Counting [1]. Another way to calculate the fractal dimension is using a software called ImageJ image analysis, which allows you to adjust the image quality to better analyze the pores that the profile features. In both modes, it is possible to calculate the fractal dimension of any profile sedimentary rock using Box-Counting method. The calculation of the fractal dimension is important in several fields of knowledge engineering, for instance in the oil field [2]. This calculation is important to consider the quality of the rock and oil reservoir. Other methods of analysis for the sedimentary rocks for possible oil discovery profiles [3], as well as analysis of drill cores by computed tomography and other methods of analysis of sedimentary rocks are presented.

Keywords: Porosity in rocks, fractal dimension, fractals

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