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Demand for growing golden camellias has been increasing as their yellow flowers have been widely used. Tea made by its flowers has been used for healthcare and the importance of using flowers on antioxidant activities, superoxide anions and hydroxyl free radicals scavenging assays has been reported. In addition, flowers are also used to treat sore throat, diarrhea, and cancer prevention. In this study, effects of pre-sowing treatment and storage on seed germination were examined for a golden camellia - Camellia impressinervis. Seeds were collected from planted trees in North Vietnam for experiments. There were two storage treatments as clean seeds were stored in a refrigerator at minus 12-10°C for one month and control (non-storage). There were three pre-sowing treatments as (Pre40-45) soaking seeds in 40-45°C water until reaching normal condition, (Pre70-75) soaking seeds in 70-75°C water for 5 minutes, and control (soaking seeds in normal temperature water for 5 hours). The results indicated that seeds in storage treatment cannot remain germination after storing one month, while non-storage seeds had a germination rate of 52.8%. The total germination rate (18%) was lowest in Pre70-75, increased to 20% in Pre40-45. While the highest total germination rate (52%) was found in control. It is concluded that seeds of C. impressinervis must be sown immediately after collecting from mother trees by pre-sowing treatment of soaking in normal temperature water for 5 hours and then seeds are sown in a wet sand bed.

Golden camellia, germination, healthcare, seed treatment, sowing condition

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THANG, N. T., LINH, M. T., MANH, T. D., DUC, D. T., HUONG, N. T. T., PHUONG, N. T. T., & DO, T. V. (2020). EFFECTS OF STORAGE AND PRE-SOWING TREATMENT ON SEED GERMINATION OF Camellia impressinervis. PLANT CELL BIOTECHNOLOGY AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, 21(1-2), 77-83. Retrieved from https://ikprress.org/index.php/PCBMB/article/view/4927
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