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Fruits and other herbal plants are a rich source of antioxidants as they contains abundant amount of bio active compounds like phenols and flavonoids. Present review concentrates on the combined or synergistic effect of bio-active compounds which is present in these fruits and herbal plants. There are several researchers who have observed that the combined mixtures of various fruit extracts as well as mixtures of herbs increase the antioxidant activity and also help to achieve desirable results. The high antioxidant activity due to the synergism of different fruits and herbs is applicable to reduce the oxidative stress as well as to prevent disease like cancer, cardiac disorders and as an anti proliferative agent. The antioxidants that are obtained from natural sources are far better to consume than that of synthetic antioxidants (butylated hydroxytoluene) as they have side effects on our health and are too expensive. This review is helpful to understand the significance of synergism in different plants and fruits due to the presence of different essential bioactive compounds in them.

Fruits, bio-active, anti proliferative, synergistic, antioxidant, extract

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