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Plants have rich source of nutrition as well as therapeutic value. Aegle marmelos is one of them which is generally known as bilva, bael or bel. The moderate – sized slender and aromatic tree belongs to the Rutaceae family. This plant has variety of chemical constituents and different therapeutic effects. Every part of plants has a nutritional value and has different pharmacological effects in the body for example antidiabetic, antioxidant, antidiarrheal, antifungal, cytoprotective, cardioprotective etc. A. marmelos is traditionally used for various diseases includes abdominal disorders, diarrhea, ulcer, nerve disorder, jaundice, heart disorders, snake bite, dog bite and many more. The present review will deal with the detailed description of plant, its mythology and therapeutic as well as nutritional use of different parts of plants.

Aegle marmelos, mythology, Rutaceae, bael.

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