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Introduction: Sorghum propinquum has been used for a variety of ethnomedicinal purposes, including blood stimulation and purification, as well as body defense.

Aim: The study aims to determine the hematological activity of Sorghum propinquum leaf base extracts.

Methods: The immunological effect of the leaf base extract was evaluated using tests on hematological indices.

Results: The packed cell volume, haemoglobin, red blood cell count, total leucocyte count, monocyte, basophil, eosinophil, bleeding time, and clotting time did not change significantly. The 100 mg/kg dose resulted in a large rise in neutrophils and a considerable decrease in lymphocytes. Platelet count was significantly increased at the dose of 300 mg/kg. Conclusion: The findings did not support the ethnomedicinal usage of the plant leaf base for blood production stimulation. It however showed improvement of non-specific immune responses involving inflammation.

Sorghum propinquum, hematology, phagocytosis, inflammation, ethnomedicinal, immunomodulatory

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VEMURI, P. K., SHAIK, M. A., SAI, P. V. H., POTLURI, B., VEMURI, S. S., BOPPANA, G., NIDAMANURI, K., & VEERAVILLI, S. (2021). HEMATOLOGICAL STUDY OF AQUEOUS EXTRACT OF Sorghum propinquum LEAVES. PLANT CELL BIOTECHNOLOGY AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, 22(71-72), 151-155. Retrieved from https://ikprress.org/index.php/PCBMB/article/view/7256
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