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A trial was consummated at Postharvest Lab. of Ornamental plants and Landscape Gardening  Research . Department, Horticulture Research  Institute, ARC, Giza, Egypt during 2018 and 2019 seasons to study effect of spraying Chrysanthemum morifolium var. ' Crystal sunny 'flowering pot plants to runoff a single time different solutions containing distilled water, Benzyladenine (BA)  at 50 , 100 ppm, Thidiazuron (TDZ) at 50, 100 ppm, BA  at 50 ppm + Nano-silver  (N.S) at 0.5 mg/l, BA at 100ppm + N.S at 0.5 mg/l, TDZ  at 50 ppm + N.S at 0.5 mg/l and TDZ 100 ppm + N.S at 0.5 mg/l. Pot plants were stored under two temperatures, room temperature at (20±1 °C) and cold storage at (10°C) for one week.

The effect of the interaction between chemical treatments and storage temperatures on quality was also investigated. Results showed that all treatments significantly stimulated most of the studied characters compared to the control plants. Chrysanthemum pot plants treated with BA  at 50ppm + N.S at 0.5 mg/l/l recorded the highest values of opening flowers  and longevity and the least values of leaves abscission percentage, while treated pot plants with TDZ at 50 ppm gave the least values of opening flowers and longevity. The results of interaction between chemical treatments and storage temperatures showed that spraying chrysanthemum pot plants with BA at 50 ppm + N.S at 0.5 mg/l/and storing them for one week under room condition 20±1 °C  gave the significantly highest records of  opening  flowers,  longevity. The same treatment gave the lowest leaves abscission %, and reduced the depletion of total carbohydrates (%).

Chrysanthemum pot plants, benzyladenine, thidiazuron, nano silver, storage temperatures, longevity, opening flower

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AHMED, A. H., DARWISH, M. A., ELBAGOURY, H. M., SAKR, W. R. A., & KHENIZY, S. A. M. (2021). EFFECT OF BENZYLADENINE, THIDIAZURON AND NANOSILVER ON QUALITY OF Chrysanthemum morifolium cv. ’ CRYSTAL SUNNY ’ FLOWERING POT PLANTS. PLANT CELL BIOTECHNOLOGY AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, 22(71-72), 286-295. Retrieved from https://ikprress.org/index.php/PCBMB/article/view/7285
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