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Calcium carbonate is an active component of the limestone. Calcium Carbonate Equivalent and the Effective Calcium Carbonate Equivalent give a numeric to the effectiveness of different liming materials. The first method compares a particular quarry's stone with the neutralizing power of pure calcium carbonate [1]. In this paper, the process of mixing calcium hydroxide into deionized water and jet bubbling carbon dioxide gas reacting through the contained is used. Output reaction conversion on inputs: acidity, reaction time, stirring, pressure and temperature is interfaced creating a fuzzy interfacing model. Reaction conversion is implicated on inputs of acidity and reaction time for a temperature value keeping other variables constant and assuming homogeneous reaction throughout within reactor. Gas flow gauge is fall timely and considering parametric and variability change, this is depicted.

Carbonate, soil, fuzzy interfacing model, carbon dioxide capture, control, regulations.

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KHOKHAR, Z. H. (2019). FUZZY INTERFACE OF CALCIUM CARBONATE PRODUCTION DEPICTING GAS GAUGE. Journal of Basic and Applied Research International, 25(6), 339-343. Retrieved from https://ikprress.org/index.php/JOBARI/article/view/4845
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