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Liquid-water is introduced at different temperature from side and upstream in a tee pipeline domain. The operation is simulated after construction of control volume and triangular tetrahedral mesh generations are performed. Smaller global fine remeshing hung the work station and for this case, without remeshing, the grid is refined locally at jet region. Effects of the region adaption are shown and swapping is executed to improve computation. Profiles along centerline of side jet and profiles along the centerline of the pipe, away from the jet, are almost identical, however, for the jet zones the profiles showed certain differentiation. An increase in the number of cells results in a larger increase in the unit time required for convergence from machine to machine. The use of the finest refinement is recommended at the gradients.

Triangular tetrahedral mesh generation, mesh refinement and adaption, meshing and high performance computing, CFD modelling, side tee pipeline.

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KHOKHAR, Z. H. I. (2019). GLOBAL AND LOCAL EXERCISES OF MESH REFINEMENT OF CONTROL VOLUME MODELS WITHOUT REMESHING. Journal of Basic and Applied Research International, 25(6), 348-357. Retrieved from
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