Published: 2020-08-28

Page: 17-20


Department of Political and Law, North China Electric Power University, Baoding, Hebei, China.

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The promulgation of civil code in 2020 is a milestone of civil legislation, marking the protection of civil rights into the age of codification. The regulation of civil rights systematization in civil code brings challenges and opportunities to the application of consumer rights protection law. As a newly formulated code, the civil code strengthens the provisions of natural people's rights in the provisions of general, contract, personality and tort, thus helping to protect the rights of consumers who are natural persons in essence. This paper discusses the breakthrough of civil rights connotation of civil code from the perspective of empirical law, demonstrates the gain and loss of breakthrough provisions of civil code in civil rights type, format contract, contract defect guarantee, tort relief and so on. Based on the analysis of comparative law, the purpose of this paper is to find out the shortcomings of the existing legislative provisions of the Civil Code and to provide relevant reference for the introduction of judicial interpretation in the future.

Keywords: Consumer, consumer rights, consumer rights protection law, civil code

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