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In order to investigate the relationship between the poverty reduction effect and green development in Hunan Province, this paper constructed the Green poverty reduction effect Index of Hunan Province, which was used to measure the size of the green poverty reduction effect in the poverty reduction of Hunan Province. In this paper, the relevant data of 48 poverty-stricken counties in Hunan province were collected by the Bureau of Statistics, and the poverty reduction effect index, green development index and green poverty reduction effect index were calculated. Cluster analysis was conducted based on the estimated results of the green poverty reduction evaluation index of 48 poverty-stricken counties (county-level cities) in Hunan Province.

The study shows that the green poverty reduction effect of 48 poverty-stricken counties (county-level cities) in Hunan province can be divided into three distinct echelon from east to west: the first distinct echelon is the eastern region which achieving good results, the second is central region , and the western region lagging behind.

Green poverty reduction, index construction, effect evaluation, cluster analysis.

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PING, X., & YUEYUAN, D. (2020). QUANTITATIVE EVALUATION OF GREEN POVERTY REDUCTION IN HUNAN PROVINCE. Journal of Basic and Applied Research International, 26(6), 38-45. Retrieved from https://ikprress.org/index.php/JOBARI/article/view/5485
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