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With the development of ecological civilization, the legal system of China is becoming more and more ecological. With the promulgation of “the General Principles of Civil Law” and “China Civil Code”, the greening of civil law has been carried out comprehensively. As an important part of private law, commercial law is also actively responding to the social needs of greening. This paper adopts the sociological analysis method to sort out the interaction between legislation and society, and then puts forward some Suggestions to improve the legislation of commercial law. This paper first discusses the ecological of Civil Code, and then discusses the necessity of greening on Commercial Law. For the greening of commercial law, start from the adoption of green content in the E-commerce Law to the relevant provisions of the pilot work of the Regulations on Ecological Civilization in China's Special Economic Zone. This paper analyzes the greening of commercial law based on the current situation of ecological protection law in China, the necessity of commercial legislation and the problems that must be solved in the ecological development of commercial law. For the challenges brought by the lagging characteristics of commercial law itself and the advance requirements of environmental protection, this paper jointly proposes countermeasures from the value orientation of commercial law itself, enterprise internal management factors and social security.

Commercial legislation, greening principle, ecological civilization

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CHUNGANG, M., & ZIJING, L. (2021). ON THE GREENING OF CHINA COMMERCIAL LAW. Journal of Basic and Applied Research International, 27(3), 42-48. Retrieved from https://ikprress.org/index.php/JOBARI/article/view/6474
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