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This research was performed in Kirkuk at the lath building, which includes the effect of Fe and GA3 on the characteristics of vegetative growth and concentration of certain medically active substances for rosemary plant (Rosmarinus officinalis L.) two years old plant and planted into pots. In addition to the treatment of non-iron spray and symbol F0, the first factor Fe concentration used 50 ml or mg/L symbol F1, and spray with 100 mg/L and symbol F2. The second component used to spray Gibberellin 100 ml or mg/L and symbol G1 and spray 150 ml or mg/L and symbol G2, in addition to non-spraying procedure with GA3 and symbol G0. The experiment employed a total randomized block template of three replications. The findings that have arrived can be summarized as follows. The effect of Fe and GA3 significantly increased vegetative growth characteristics, and the overlap was significant where discriminate treatment (F2G2) the highest rate of plant height (62.12 cm), and the highest rate of the number of plant branches (17.8), and the highest percentage of carbohydrates (6.70), the highest percentage of dry matter for total vegetative (33.06 g) and the highest percentage of dry matter for total root (166.01) and the highest overall chlorophyll concentration (34.19 SPAD) relative to the lowest percentage of plant (40.68 cm) in contrast, and the number of plant branches (11.9) and percentage of carbohydrates (4.30) and value of dry matter for total vegetative (21.66 g) and the value of dry matter for total root (135.98 g) and the less total chlorophyll concentration (22.62 SPAD). Fe and GA3 caused appositive significant differences in oil characteristics and the overlap was significant the treatment (F2G2) gave the highest quantity of oil (0.605 mL/g dry material) and a highest specific gravity (0.95) compared with the lowest quantity of oil (0.270 mL/g dry material) and lowest specific gravity (0.82) in the control treatment, whereas there are no significant differences in a refractive index of oil.

Fe, GA3, rosemary plant, vegetative growth, oil characteristics.

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HASAN, M. N., & SULTAN, S. M. (2020). EFFECT OF FE AND GA3 ON GROWTH AND OIL CHARACTERISTICS OF ROSEMARY PLANT (Rosmarinus officinalis L.). PLANT CELL BIOTECHNOLOGY AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, 21(39-40), 55-63. Retrieved from https://ikprress.org/index.php/PCBMB/article/view/5432
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